Cold Fusion

Cold fusion: what is and how it works

Cold fusion (also known as LENR) is not something everyone is familiar with. Cold fusion/LENR is a brand of low temperature nuclear reactions that has been speculated to have some success, but little proof to prove this claim. Both the experiments and its own theory are questioned, for whatever reason. In the beginning the initial theory of Cold fusion gained a lot of media coverage; this was due to the possibility of a new, cheap, and fairly regular energy source. Some have even tried to enact this theory, although the results have been less than positive. For this reason its validity constantly comes into question.

There have been some experiments that have shown some promise also. One example is Andrea Rossi and her Nickel Hydrogen fusion device. According to Mr. Rossi, the device is able to produce more than 10 kilowatts of heat driven energy, while running on much lower power. In her public demonstration they produced a couple kilowatts in front of a crowd of people. At one point it reached 15,000 watts while only running off of 400 watts. The validity of this experiment cannot be denied. Cold fusion is an area of science we need to be researching and this experiment is statistical proof.

Another valid experiment is the E-cat fusion, which is yet another brilliant attempt by Andrea Rossi. Recently, the experiment passed a very significant test. This particular test was monitored engineers who work for the anonymous client interested in buying. At the end of the test, the E-cat produced an average score of 470 kilowatts in just five short hours. The source of this device is of course heat; it works in the same fashion as the previously mentioned experiment. This experiment should be a monumental achievement for the science community; instead some are calling into question the reliability of these results. These people have expressed concerned that some of the facts do not add up. Facts like, the big secret around the unknown client and why spectators were not allowed to watch the entire time.

The existence of Cold fusion is something that we could all use. It is a cheap energy source that could possibly save us a lot of money.